Invisalign® Aligners

Clear aligner treatment by a specialist that does it right


Clear Aligners - Done Right!

Although 3D digital technology makes fabricating the aligners easier than ever, the key to creating beautiful smiles is the training and experience of the doctor who diagnoses your problems and develops your treatment plan.

  • Orthodontists are specialists with 24 to 36 months of additional training in a full-time university residency. They are experts at moving teeth with wires or plastic aligners

  • The Invisalign® company merely requires that general dentists take a one-day course before they can order aligners for their patients. There is no way they can develop the same skills as an orthodontist in just one day

  • Invisalign® is just a manufacturing company. They manufacture plastic aligners according to the prescription of the doctor

  • The results you will obtain with your aligners will be determined by the skill and experience of your doctor. Dr. Jorgensen is an Invisalign® specialist with more than 25 years moving teeth

Does Invisalign® cost more than braces?

The lab fee alone for regular Invisalign® is almost $1800. For that reason most providers charge more for aligner treatment. In our office we have found that Invisalign® is actually more efficient than braces in many ways and those efficiencies help offset the lab bill... therefore we don't charge extra! (Note: some reduced-fee insurance plans do not cover entire cost of Invisalign®)

Can I get good results with Invisalign®?

Invisalign® technology has come a long way since 1999. Up until about five years ago, I would have argued that the results obtainable with plastic were not as good as with braces. With the introduction of optical scanners and the improvements in attachments and the materials used by the manufacturer, I bevelive the results can be the same and in some cases better than braces!

Does Invisalign® take longer than braces?

Your teeth move in response to forces placed upon them. They cannot detect whether that force comes from a wire or from a plastic aligner. All other things being equal, treatment time with Invisalign should be very similar to treatment with brackets and wires.